Mass Spectrometry scientists in front of the Mass Spectrometers

Our team

Team strengths

The success of atlanbio is driven by its team. The current company team is made up of more than 40 people (30 in Chromatography and Immunochemistry), working in new (December 2010) 1800 m2 of state-of-the-art facilities.


The know-how of atlanbio is obviously anchored on a highly-experienced and well-trained laboratory team of scientists (Pharmacists, Ph.Ds.’, Engineers, Research Assistants …) who have developed in-depth expertise in Chromatography (GC and LC) combined with Mass Spectrometry (MS – MS2 – MS3) and in Immunoassays / Immunogenicity testing. The scientists are frequently trained to improve their skills.  


Immunochemistry atlanbio team

Mass Spectrometry atlanbio team


Key contributors

Dr. Philippe Couerbe is the Chief Executive Officer of the company, and the GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) Test Facility Manager.
Dr. Jacques Girault is the General Manager and the Scientific / Marketing Director of atlanbio.
13 of the scientists are Study Directors (Principal Investigators).


Appropriate solutions

Our scientists set-up appropriate solutions (DBS, micro-sampling, micro SPE, Ultra-Fast Chromatography, built Immunoassays, Immunogenicity testing, cell based assays ...) to reach your study objectives. They develop innovative methods and perform in routine determination of compounds in various bio-fluids and tissues, as well as transfer and cross-validation of existing methods.


Atlanbio support staff

Support staff

Our scientists are supported by a very efficient support staff, also well-trained for GXP compliance.


WRIB 2018 in Philadelphia

Our team will be pleased meet you at the WRIB annual meeting in Philadelphia, April 9-13, 2018.   Read more.

Arrival of a new collaborator

Atlanbio is pleased to welcome Dr. Jordane BIARC to our every expanding organization in September 2017. Read more.

2017 European Bioanalysis Forum in Lisbon

Atlanbio’s Dr. Xavier Bernard, Study Manager (Immunochemistry) will be attending the 2017 European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) in Lisbon, Portugal June 20-22.  Read more.

WRIB 2017 in Los Angeles, CA

Our team will be pleased meet you at the WRIB annual meeting in Los Angeles, CA, April 3-7, 2017. We invite you to visit CiToxLAB and Atlanbio teams at Booth # 39 to hear some of our scientific updates and to discuss your bioanalytical needs. Read more.